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The Samsung Galaxy M023 is a lower variant of the high-end Samsung M032s smartphone which was introduced a few months ago. The low-budget smartphone in Samsung’s range falls under the mid-range category and it does not feature a fingerprint scanner like the higher versions Samsung M02 . The phone features a large touch screen display with a nice body that comes with an average dual camera set-up. The phone also has a powerful dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, a good amount of storage space for photo and music files, a nine-megapixel camera, as well as a host of other features.

The Samsung M02 price is slightly higher than its competitors and is priced at about one hundred and thirty dollars in India. In the United States, Samsung M032s can be found available for a little over three hundred dollars. On the face of it, the Samsung M02 has very similar specifications to the iPhone and Android mobiles which help make it a very attractive option. However, there are a couple of differences between the iPhone and Samsung M2002 which we will look into now.

The first difference we will look at is the SIM tray. This tray is unique to the Samsung Galaxy m 2021 and not seen on any other handset. The handset comes with an easily removable SIM tray that can be inserted into a USB port. The tray houses the SIM card, which is immediately ready to use. One advantage of this design is that the handset supports fast charging, as Samsung has patented a fast charge technology that is used by several other manufacturers.

The second difference is the size of the device. The Samsung Galaxy M02 price is almost identical to that of the iPhone which is another plus point when making the decision to buy the device. The iPhone has a much larger screen size and hence requires a larger battery and therefore will require an increased battery life. The M 02 has a non-removable back-cap, but does have a slot for the SIM card which helps increase the device’s lifespan.

Samsung Galaxy S Blackberry Mobile Phone – $400 iPhone – $500 Motorola DROID – $500

There is no denying the fact that the Samsung Galaxy M02 has a lot to offer over its predecessors. If you are looking for a smaller, lighter and sleeker looking mobile phone then the Galaxy M 2021 may be perfect for your needs. If you are going to compare the two phones side-by-side, it helps to have the Samsung Galaxy m02 price in mind as the accelerometer, 3g delay and screen size all contribute to make the Samsung device more expensive than the iPhone.

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