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There is a volume of ongoing arguments about whether or not a ballet student should use padding in pointe shoes, to avoid pointe shoe pain Wólka Kosowska hurtownie . Some students are not allowed to, though they are allowed to use tape. Some point out that professional dancers do not use padding in their pointe shoes Рalthough that is certainly not 100% correct.

Some argue that students won’t get stronger if they use pads for support. Well, pads do not give support at all, they give a cushion against the abrasion and pressure of the toe shoes. So strength has nothing to do with it.

If a student is truly ready to dance on pointe, padding and tape have nothing to do with supporting the posture of the toes. I do not really know where these ideas come from. If the toes are already strong enough, from good training and enough pointe shoe exercise, there will be less abrasion against the interior of the shoe. However, if a student cannot get the perfect fit in their toe shoes, they may need padding.

I personally know a world famous ballerina who, well into her career increased her point shoe size so that she could add padding. She became aware that she had been programmed by her schooling to put up with a ridiculous amount of pain, and that her shoes were too short. She never had a problem “feeling the floor” or with ballet foot control.

Toe shoes are designed so that you don’t “feel the floor”. If you don’t have control in a ballet shoe with pads, then your control is barely there anyway. And don’t forget that professional dancers have their shoes custom made for them, so the need for tape and padding is more relative to short term situations such as a minor injury.

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